The imbabala or Cape bushbuck is a widespread species of antelope in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Bushbuck are found in rainforests, montane forests, forest-savanna mosaics, and bush savanna forest and woodland.

Cape bushbuck mainly browse, but supplement their diet with any other plant matter that they can reach. Cape bushbuck are active around 24 hours a day, but tend to be nocturnal near human habitations. They tend to be solitary, though some live in pairs.
Cape bushbuck live within a “home” area, which is usually around 50 000 square metres on the savannah and much larger in the forest, that they will not normally leave. These areas usually overlap other bushbuck home areas. Cape bushbuck are basically solitary animals and the mature males go out of their way to stay away from each other.  Usually, Cape bushbuck are most active during early morning and part of the night, therefore are almost entirely nocturnal in areas where they are unlikely to be disturbed.