Jellyfish are found in every ocean in the world, they are fascinating creatures, so here are the most interesting facts about jellyfish.

  1. Jellyfish are ‘jelly-like’ creatures that live in the ocean. There are multiple kinds:
    a. The medusa which sting.
    b. The ctenophores also known as ‘comb jellies’ which are non-stinging.
    c. The salp variety which have been compared to humans.
  2. They have been around since before the dinosaurs.
  3. A group of jellyfish is known as a ‘bloom’.
  4. Blooms can feature up to 100,000 jellyfish at a time.
  5. Young jellyfish are called planulae.
  6. Jellyfish are not strong swimmers.
  7. They have no brains.
  8. They can live from just a few days up to a year.
  9. Their bodies are made up water and protein.
  10. Their cells (nematocysts) inject anything that brushes against them with toxins, which cause the sting.
  11. Jellyfish eat small plants, zooplankton, fish eggs and sometimes other jellyfish.
  12. Some can be as small as pins, others as tall as humans.
  13. They can be transparent, while some are translucent, causing danger to fishermen and tourists alike.
  14. In some countries, jellyfish can be eaten and are considered a delicacy.
  15. Scientists have found that jellyfish have to be kept in round aquarium tanks in case they get stuck in the corners of the tank and die.

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