Sibuya is widely regarded as one of South Africa’s most awe-inspiring private game reserves, boasting captivating landscapes and diverse vegetation that provide an exceptional Big 5 game viewing experience.

This remarkable sanctuary encompasses a range of terrains, from the expansive river plains to the immaculate lower Albany thicket, interspersed with pockets of Cape fynbos and a breezy, verdant plateau cherished by numerous large grazing animals. Along its enchanting path, the Kariega River estuary meanders through densely wooded thickets cascading down steep slopes, eventually unveiling vast grassy flats and sandy banks just before merging with the Indian Ocean.

The wildlife encounters at Sibuya are consistently remarkable, offering frequent sightings of the iconic Big 5, as well as close-up encounters with zebra and giraffe.

The reserve boasts a rich variety of antelope species, ranging from the majestic eland to the diminutive blue duiker, with an extensive array of species in between, including the rare oribi and bontebok. Jackals are a common sight, while occasional glimpses of caracals and aardvarks add to the reserve’s allure. Thanks to Sibuya’s ample carrying capacity, visitors can expect an immersive and diverse game-viewing experience amidst breathtaking surroundings.