Sibuya Rhino Foundation

Rhino poaching in Africa and particularly in South Africa has now reached epidemic proportions and continues to escalate daily.



Sibuya Game Reserve is large enough to accommodate up to 100 rhino - Our aim is to convert the reserve into a rhino sanctuary where we can protect these beautiful beasts from the poaching scourge. In order to do so we need to secure the entire reserve with the latest most advanced anti-poaching technology that would guarantee us a 99% safe 'rhino friendly' zone, we are therefore looking for a donor or donors that can partner with us so that we can purchase the equipment needed to secure the property. Please contact us for more information in this regard.

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In order to stay one step ahead of the poachers we are constantly needing to update our equipment and invest in new technology. Our current project is to purchase a thermal drone. This amazing piece of equipment would enable us to view large areas of the property that wouldn't normally be accessible by our team. It would also pick up any people that may be hiding in the bush using thermal imaging. It has automatic sensors that trigger a message to central APU if a person is spotted by its cameras.

Help us reach our R280,000 goal by donating from our website.

This equipment is vital in protecting our amazing rhino from the constant threat of poaching.